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Aural Vibrational Manifestations Otherworldly textural and rhythmic electronic improvisations by Christopher Currell designed to transport the listener to other times and places in the universe. Check this out!

C. Hall Guitars In a review in the July issue of Guitar Player says "There is something about this guitar that repeatedly seduces me into playing it, and makes it nearly impossible to put it down. There's the shear physical beauty, the exquisite workmanship, the buttery action and overall playability, and the amazing tone. But there's also an indescribable something else that infuses this instrument with irresistable magic." These guitars are among the finest I have ever played. If you play guitar, check out his website!

Denny Seiwell When the music is great, and the artists at play are the tops in their field, Denny Seiwell is there! In a career that has travelled from the intimacy of New York's most respected jazz clubs, to Rock's biggest stadiums to countless sessions in the studio, Denny has proven himself one of the most respected musicians at work today.

Symbolic Sound Corporation are the creators of the Kyma sound design workstation, a visual sound design language with associated Capybara multi-DSP hardware accelerator.

Starr Labs, maker of the Ztar. The Z-tar is an electronic musical instrument that you connect via a MIDI cable to synthesizers, samplers, sequencers, and computers.

Synclavier Digital Corperation. The home of the Synclavier Audio System.

Beto Hale is a talented multi-instrumentalist, composer and singer from Mexico City. He is also the editor of Musico Pro magazine.

Digidesign, the industry leader in digital audio workstations.

Carolyn Fok, consumate artist and musician extrodinare. To get details on her latest double album release "The Listener", as well as other information concerning this amazing artist, check out her official website here.

Mark Of The Unicorn Digital Performer. Digital Performer is an integrated digital audio and MIDI sequencing production system.

Metric Halo. Makers of the very cool audio software, Spectrafoo and Channelstrip and the Mobile i/o, the ultimate in portable firewire audio interfaces.

Apple Power Mac G5, the ultimate computer for audio production on a desktop!

Jimmy Wess Strings, Great Strings! If you play guitar, you should check these out!

Guitarhoo, Cool Site for guitar players. Check it out!


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